EURO 'NO HOLES' License Plate Bracket

        This will allow you to add a European Spec sized plate to the front of your car without drilling holes in your bumper. The EURO 'NO HOLES' LPB kit can be quickly made available for all  'NO HOLES' LPB Kits.

MINI Euro 'NO HOLES' License Plate Bracket Kit comes with everything in the picture below.

**This does not include the license plate or euro plate frame**         

Unless you want to drill holes in your euro license plate, you will need to purchase a euro license plate frame.

MINI Cooper Euro Spec (R Models) $59.95

Bracket Only
If you already have one of our 'NO HOLES' LPB Kit for the USA license plate and want to purchase just the euro bracket, Please click the link below. 

'NO HOLES' Euro Bracket $19.95